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Tom Boles

C3 Group Principal | C-Screen Co-Founder

Tom has over 40 years experience as a business owner with a focus in the insurance & HR industries. Dating back to 1984, Tom has started and operated several companies that  provide risk management, cost containment and HR services to businesses throughout northeastern United States. Those companies were folded into the creation of The C3 Group LLC in 2008. The spectrum of the businesses created include a worker’s comp forensic testimony company, a licensed private investigation company, a worker’s comp and liability insurance peer/utilization review company, a worker’s comp risk management company, an acoustical ceiling restoration company and a men’s accessory retail company.

With a focus on operations and business development, Tom’s companies have assisted client businesses/organizations navigate the many financial, military, oil and terror crisis that have arisen throughout his career.

Tom hold a (B.S.) degree in Marketing/Management from Marywood University & Kings College.